Zone 1 Pre-World Conference

Love is the Source; Love is the Path; Love is the Goal


Zone 1 Pre-World Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the Allure Hotel on April 17-19, 2015.  All Zone 1 Sai Center officers are encouraged to attend the conference, and it is also open to all Sai Center members.


The Tenth World Conference will be held at Prasanthi Nilayam, during the 90th Birthday celebrations of our Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in November 2015. The theme of the conference is “Love is the Source; Love is the Path; Love is the Goal”.


In preparation, Pre-World Conferences will be held in every Zone, starting in January 2015.  The Pre-World Conference will explore our understanding, reflections, and practical experiences on both Love and Service.


The Pre-World Conference and the World Conference takes place every five years, and offers a blessed opportunity to all spiritual aspirants to energize themselves by participating in spiritual discussions and practices. Attendance by one and all is encouraged.


If one word could sum up the essence of Swami’s life and teachings, that word would be “Love”. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s life, His message, His ideals and His humanitarian works can all be enshrined in one word—Love. His life is His message and His message is love. He is truly the incarnation of love—Love walking on two legs. He says, “God is love; live in love”, and exhorts us to “Start the day with love; fill the day with love; spend the day with love; end the day with love—this is the way to God”.  


Swami says, “Love is the source; love is the path; and love is the goal”. So, when we live our lives saturated with love, our lives get sanctified. If one could master this single Divine Principle, the other four human values—Truth, Peace, Right Conduct and Nonviolence—would also, automatically, be mastered. Perfect mastery of love amounts to nothing less than Self-realisation. 


Let us dive deep into the nectarine words of Swami, saturate ourselves with His love and redeem our lives through the daily practice of His universal and eternal message of love and selfless service.


We look forward to seeing you at this conference.


Jai Sai Ram.